Career Profile

Math and informatics teacher interested in statistics, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Web Technologies as well as automation and optimization tasks.


Informatics teacher

2017 - 2019
Novorossiysk Professional College, Novorossiysk

All responsibilities of a 1st and 2nd year computer science teacher. Implementation of the Google Class cloud educational platform.

Tutor in mathematics and mentor in programming

2014 - 2019

Training children for passing the OGE (main state examination). Assistance in mastering the school curriculum for grades 4-9. Teaching children of elementary grades programming in JavaScript.

System administrator

2011 - 2017
Eltrans, Novorossiysk

Support for the company’s internal computer network, e-mail and file servers, workstations. Installation and support of “Transas” navigation training systems. Development and support of the company’s website.

Technical Support Engineer, IT helpdesk

2009 - 2010
Raiffeisenbank, Moscow

Troubleshooting the network devices, installation of workstations (computers and telephones), creating cross connections.

Software Engineer

Lanit-Tercom, St. Petersburg

Quality assurance engineer, build engineer.

  • working with VCS
  • programming and debugging in COBOL
  • writing scripts in Perl and vbscript
  • developing online store prototype using the Ruby on Rails web development framework


Pictographic Phonetic Alphabet - System of phonetic signs that includes symbols functioning as didactic software.
JS4K - Multilanguage site on Jekyll
Ses-life company site - Migration of the working site from Laravel to Jekyll
Eltrans Ltd. company site - Multilanguage site in vanilla HTML+CSS


Skills & Proficiency